La Sultana is an ornate hotel positioned in the old Kasbah of Marrakech, the royal district. The large Moulay El yazid Mosque standing tall in the large open courtyard, its smooth peach coloured walls soaring into the azure sky. The  other buildings in the surrounding areas reflect its form, sweetly blush and geometric. La Sultana, is a luxury hotel located just to the left of the Mosque, slightly hidden away, you have to weave through a small but beautiful street until you reach its stunning golden doors, adorned with decoration. The courtyard of the hotel is home to a gloriously tropical pool, serene and surrounded by plants and loungers. It is an ideal spot to take a light afternoon lunch, where they serve a menu that hails the exotic tastes of Morocco.


After a light lunch poolside, it is the ideal time to retreat to the rooftop of La Sultana for afternoon tea. The rooftop is traditionally Moroccan, the chairs, pagodas and tables are bohemian in their baroque forms, carved effortlessly into detailed black structures, creating an etherial and lavish setting.

Bougainvillea flowers slink along the lattice roof of the pagoda, and flow on down to a small dipping pool surrounded by loungers, each with an embroidered sun hat – just waiting for guests to settle down with book in hand. Large clay pots and luscious green plants decorate this space, it becomes almost greenhouse like, as large glass roofs punctuate the area. Walk through the rooftop, past swirling muslin clothes that tie round the columns of the pagoda, and settle at the contemporary bar for a refreshing mint tea. 


A Hammam massage is a traditional spa experience that most people endeavour to enjoy during a mini break to Morocco. The spa at La Sultana is intimate yet grand, before we even stepped foot into the spa, our senses were tickled by the intense jasmine scents that floated through the ground floor of the hotel.

Dimly lit, and warm, the spa is elegant and sensationally relaxing. Their Hammam experience begins with a dip in the pool, deeply refreshing and fragrant under ornate ceilings with large iron lanterns reflecting patterns of light across the space. Once out of the pool, the Hammam begins with steaming and scrubbing, to give the body a full cleanse. Finally you are swaddled in your fresh towelling robe and set to rest for a while, allowing the body to absorb the goodness from the essential oils.

La Sultana’s unique rooftop is a spot not to miss, neither are their spa treatments… or cooking classes. Head here for an injection of Moroccan culture and a little R&R.


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