Those in search of an exotic escape from the stress of modern life, look no further than Constance Lemuria, Seychelles. We caught up with our partner resort on the island of Praslin and discussed life at Lemuria with Djaved Fareed, the Corporate Sustainability Manager at Constance Hotels & Resorts.

Constance Lemuria - Seychelles
Djaved Fareed | Corporate Sustainability Manager

Creating the Constance Experience

From the interiors of the thatched roof rooms that are scattered across the island to the only 18-hole championship golf course in the Seychelles, everything on this idyllic island is exceptional. With nature planted “at the heart of the traveller experience” Constance strives to offer “a unique setting where nature thrives, nourishing all your senses with its unique surroundings” Djaved explains.

Constance Lemuria - Seychelles

Falling in love with the Indian Ocean is a definite during your stay on the Island. Guest can unwind with warm tropical breezes, azure seas, and pristine beaches. Constance Lemuria is in “harmony with the carefully preserved natural beauty of the environment.”

Constance Lemuria - Seychelles
Constance Lemuria - Seychelles

Djaved shares how luxury can often be associated with “a lavish lifestyle, socioeconomic inequalities and misconstrued purchasing practices” and more than often the most “environmentally impacting”.

Constance share our passion for addressing this and continue to evolve to reduce their environmental impact and increase their efforts in conservation. Like at LOVE BRAND & Co, since day one, we have given back to wildlife and invested time to continually evolve our own business practices to reduce our impact on the environmental.

Careful Conservation

From the flora to the fauna on this lush island guests are welcomed to learn more about the fragility of the ecosystem they have chosen to stay within.  Educating and “sparking interest in green issues while empowering guests”, the Constance hotel group have “drawn together a network of naturalists and biologists who work to protect the ocean floor and endangered endemic species”. 

The careful conservation of the environment manifests itself in the hotel’s mission in perfecting the ultimate “alliance of premium service and respect for biodiversity”. Underpinned with “values of generosity, sincerity, excellence, inventiveness and respect”. The ‘True by Nature’ concept serves as a guiding light to make sure this mission is a reality. Various eco-hospitality initiatives such as banning plastic straws, mangrove reforestation and developing an in-house recycling system have been launched over the years.

Taking Time For The Turtles

On top of their various projects on the island, Constance Lemuria has also recognised the importance of protecting the nesting sights of the region’s turtle species. They have been proactive in launching a Turtle Management Programme. Focused around the hotel’s beaches on the island such as the beautiful Grand Anse Kerlan beach, it’s an initiative led by two of the Island turtle and conservation experts Dr. Jeanne Mortimer and Robert Matombé. Put in place with an aim to“protect the local turtle population and “ensure the health and wellbeing of adult turtles, hatchlings and eggs”.

Constance Lemuria - Seychelles

This is a remarkable project that guests are offered an opportunity to become part of. As during the months between October and February, Djaved told us this is the perfect time, to “observe these beautiful creatures as they emerge from the sea and struggle up the beach to lay their eggs, before returning to the safety of the water.” This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, leaving guests feeling reconnected to nature, a principle the the hotel looks to champion through every guest experience.

“One Planet”

Djaved finished our interview commenting “We have one planet”. Guests are concerned about the principles of the destinations they chose for their next unforgettable holiday; sustainability is vital going forward. However, for Constance it “isn’t about competition” against other hotels for the ultimate ‘sustainability prize’. Instead it’s the way in which they can act as “a responsible corporate citizen caring for its people while preserving its home and lead the way for others to join in”.

Constance Lemuria - Seychelles

In and amongst the world’s current uncertainty, travellers will be pleased to hear that Seychelles is currently a safe destination to travel to. Constance Lemuria has also worked hard to become ‘Safe Tourism Certified’ meaning the hotel has all the procedures in place for preventing the transmission of COVID-19. 

Constance Lemuria - Seychelles

Constance Lemuria is a must-go destination for those looking for the perfect balance of luxury and back-to-nature escapism. This hotel has embraced its responsibilities and is leading the way with innovation in sustainable tourism.


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