We are passionate about promoting conscious consumerism. This runs through everything we do, to the smallest detail. Did you know all our buttons are made from nuts…  

From nut to button…

From the tropical rainforests of the South American Pacific coast, the corozo or tagua nut, is the seed of a Phytelephas Macrocarpa palm tree, deriving from the Greek words Phyton and Elephas meaning plant and elephant respectively.


Harvested only when the nut naturally falls from the tree, our corozo nuts are collected then dried for two months. This will ensure the inside of the nut can transform from a gooey, jelly-like substance to a hard material that is perfect to be sliced and shaped into our signature corozo buttons. 

The tagua tree can keep on producing for over a hundred years. It’s the ultimate renewable resource and the gift that keeps on giving. Harvesting the nuts from the rainforest floor does not require the cutting down of any trees, meaning there is absolutely no contribution to rainforest deforestation. 

Our corozo nut buttons are sustainable and sleek. The tightly wound organic fibres of the nut, make our buttons durable and scratch-resistant. Our corozo nut buttons are turned and engraved with our signature in Barcelona. Each and every button will be unique. Like a fingerprint, the natural grain of the nut has a pattern, creating a slight variation, making each LOVE BRAND & Co. shirt so special and unique.

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