We have teamed up with the Tatler award-winning and vegan skincare brand with their Super Seed skincare set and mini travel set to keep your skin looking beautifully healthy and happy for your next holiday…

Votary began at British makeup artist, Arabella Preston’s, Kitchen Table. The brand’s luxurious and vegan line of skincare products harnesses the power of premium plant oils, to deliver incredibly soothing, age-defying benefits that are clean as well as green. With a passion for plant oils and botanical actives, formations are blended by co-founder, Arabella personally ensuring that there are products suited for every skin type. Combing simplicity with sustainability, all of Votary’s products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably packaged, offering customers the ultimate guilt-free skincare essentials for healthy, happy, glowing skin.

We caught up with Arabella to find out a little more about her travelling memories and what’s important to her when running a sustainable brand…

Tell us about your most meaningful, exciting or stand out memory of travel.

The day lockdown lifted in the summer of 2020, we jumped in the car and drove to Europe. We stopped in France, then made our way through Italy. My kids had never been to Venice before and we had three perfect days there. It was empty of tourists and more beautiful than ever. In Florence, it felt like we had the Uffizi to ourselves. Standing in front of Botticelli’s Venus on my own was one of those moments I knew I’d remember all my life. 

Arabella Preston, Co-Founder VOTARY
What is your most memorable moment with Wildlife?  Any close shaves?

Tracking a pack of painted dogs under a stormy sky in the Serengeti.

What’s your idea of a perfect family holiday? 

Italy. Pasta and sunshine.

What does sustainability mean to you? 

Recognising the long-term impact of the choices we make now. Doing more than just what is necessary.

If you had to choose, where is your favourite place on earth (so far)?

Nihi Sumba, Indonesia.

Looking back on your successes, what piece of advice would you share?

Be open to change.

To travel is to

Expand (sometimes my mind, in Italy more often my waistline).

One thing about yourself we don’t know 

I’m 6 ft 1 in.


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Images courtesy of VOTARY

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