We at LOVE BRAND & Co. have a passion for creating elegant and imaginative prints, each print is specifically designed with a unique meaning or unsuspecting motif hidden beneath a spectrum of colour and pattern. All of our individual prints have been conceived in house and meticulously constructed to be fun and cheerful so that you never have a cloudy day on holiday.


Following our mission to help support the most threatened species and their habitats from extinction, the new collection looks to the mosaic of nature for inspiration and also to the majestic Maldives for an injection of rich, vibrant colour. Our prints borrow forms found in the natural world and they use playful and spirited travel concepts which bring to life our subtle yet sophisticated swimwear.   

We wanted to make sure that this collection was eye-catching and original but also ensure that it retained our timeless style. It is a collection inspired by both land and sea, excitement and calm, a collection which is spirited but relaxed. It is the epitome of effortless summer elegance and we so hope that you when you jump into the pool on the first day of your holiday with your friends and family, Love Brand is with you too.  


As well as fun prints we have also designed some block coloured linen shirts, crafted to create the perfect relaxed and comfortable fit. Inspired by colour trends this season, there was no way we could not bring you a lavender shirt which is soft, 100% linen and ideal for days spent in glorious warmth. It is a summer essential and look no further because we’ve got you covered.  

When you buy any Love Brand product you are helping us support and protect elephants and other endangered species across the world. Conservation is so important to us at Love Brand and we’re sure you can agree that losing some of the magnificent species that we share the planet with is something we just cannot let happen.  

Please note that this collection was limited edition and no longer available to purchase. CLICK HERE TO SHOP OUR NEW COLLECTION.


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