Discover LOVE BRAND & Co.’s print collaboration with Necker Island, Richard Branson’s private retreat in the British Virgin Islands.

Not only an oasis for the Branson family and friends, but now also home again for the flamingo. For more than 100 years, flamingos had disappeared in the British Virgin Islands, but thanks to Richard Branson, business magnate and animal conservation enthusiast, the bird was reintroduced and is now breeding once again on these private islands.

Just over 10 years ago, Richard Branson reintroduced 30 flamingos to Necker Island’s luscious landscape. After 6 long years, the flamingos produced their first baby. Today, Necker Island is pleased to welcome about 150 baby flamingos each year.

Oliver was inspired by this highly successful flamingo conservation effort when designing his exclusive print for Necker Island. 

“‘Necks of Necker’ (the exclusive print) celebrates these magnificent birds and the power of conserving your local environment and watching nature restore itself. It’s an inspirational story from one of my all time heroes Sir Richard Branson.”

– Oliver Tomalin


Joining the long necks and legs of the elegant birds and incorporating the instantly recognisable pink, Oliver designs our retro and fresh flamingo print.

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