Wildlife artist Francesca Sanders inspires us hugely. Through her incredible talent, Sanders raises awareness about conservation and the importance of protecting the beautiful species that we share the planet with.

Who inspires you the most?

“Jane Fonda, Eddie the Eagle, David Attenborough, Peter Doig, Marianne Cotillard and Freddie Mercury”

Favourite place to eat/stay around the world?

“Breakfast at Lewa Wilderness in Kenya. I’m not much of a morning person, but it is paradise”

Your most critical skills?

“An ability to laugh in most situations! Being foolishly optimistic. Keeping on going”

What excites you about the world?

“What a question! The unceasing variety of opportunity it gives us”

Favourite Love Brand print?

“This is actually quite hard, I love the new lolly design”

Advice to someone just coming into your industry?

“Use Instagram! Take calculated risks. Go to museums and shows, and the pub with friends, it is really helpful for keeping your mind buzzing”

“I am very lucky to have met some incredible pioneers in conservation, who are living proof that so much can be done to overcome the challenge that a growing human population poses, so I feel very optimistic about current conservation efforts”
Favourite place to travel to and why?

“I love Greece. It’s got endless natural beauty, and a down to earth welcoming vibe. I swim in the sea every day and eat my bodyweight in Tzatzki, fresh fish, wine and various forms of melted cheese”

Pool or ocean?

“Definitely Ocean”

Why is conservation so important to you?

“Well, if conservation means protecting the natural places and species on the planet, that’s kind of a no brainer, I wouldn’t have anything to paint if that all disappeared, so it’s protection is pretty key to me.

But, I think pretty much everyone wants the natural world to exist, they just don’t know how that can work alongside the demands humans place on the planet, or the way they want to live. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“Well, I will have become a billionaire, having discovered a way for us to eat croissants without putting on any weight. I will probably be on my boat, chatting to Richard Branson and discussing the best way to save the world. Leonardo DiCaprio will be texting me, again, begging me to paint him a picture…. or, I will still be daydreaming!”

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