LOVE BRAND & Co. sat down with Michael and David King-Hew, the owners of Bahamian haven – Kamalame Cay. With dappled light poking through gold and green tropical foliage, monkey sculptures skipping along the roofs and reclining on Tiki sofas at ‘The Great House’, Oliver and Rose, founders of LOVE BRAND & Co. had the pleasure of acquainting themselves with the resort, celebrating our partnership and getting the inside scoop from the couple behind our favourite Bahamian escape…

Michael starts by explaining that after the pandemic, “people just want to be free… to live a life well-lived.” And here at Kamalame, guests can certainly do just that. Free to reconnect with themselves and the ones they love and explore the thoughtful alchemy that makes this hotel so magical. The resort is on Andros, a much less developed Bahamian island to neighbouring Nassau with only 10,000 inhabitants. Getting to the cay is part of the romance of the resort. It’s a short 12-minute connecting flight from Nassau International Airport to Fresh Creek and a 15-minute taxi before taking the boat across the lagoon to the cay. You can take a boat over from Nassau but, “the only way is to fly in” according to Michael and David, on Kamalame’s very own seaplane named ‘Coco’. Michael explains how “it’s a true luxury to land and pull up directly to your villa… It’s a return to the glamour of air travel of yesteryear… It’s magic.”

Once at the cay, it’s time to lose your shoes, slow down and let “the rhythm of the day unfold”. Oliver and Rose asked Michael to describe Kamalame in just 3 words – “peace, tranquility, and joy”. Kamalame Cay takes its name from a local tree and is named the #1 resort in the Bahamas 2020, boasting numerous appearances on Conde Nast’s Gold List. And rightfully so. A lot of thought has gone into making this effortlessly cool hotel work so seamlessly.

Michael explains it’s a place “free from the TV that is yelling and screaming about what everyone did wrong yesterday. Kamalame gives people the chance to relax and slow down a little, to disconnect to reconnect.” Oliver and Rose experienced first-hand the conscious design points and experiential details that bring the magic to the cay. The resort allows you to reconnect with nature within the simplicity of the day, whether it’s enjoying the sunrise and sunset, an ocean swim, a beach walk, the treat of breakfast in bed, or stargazing from deckchairs outside your cottage. Without the light pollution of towns and cities, “when you look up at the stars, it is incomprehensible how spectacular it is.”

It was also time to celebrate! LOVE BRAND & Co. and Kamalame Cay celebrated their partnership with an infamous luncheon and launched our signature print ‘Kissing Fish’ exclusively designed by LOVE BRAND & Co. for the resort. In deep aqua green and watermelon, the tropical print reflects the joyful hedonism of Kamalame island living along with their enduring connection to the reef and its marine life. The print is available exclusively at the resort boutique, pictured below after an early morning swim…

The event celebrated the start of the Kamalame Cay season and the partnership with LOVE BRAND & Co. and BREEF, the organisation helping preserve the Bahamian natural heritage. Oliver, (pictured below on the left) with Casuarina Mckinney, director of BREEF, wears the Kamalame Cay ‘Kissing Fish’ exclusive swim trunks. David (pictured below on the right), who was dressed top-to-toe in Love Brand, made a speech to the friends and guests at the lunch.

Michael and David explain, “BREEF is a leader of conservation within the Bahamas. Great people. Honest and hardworking. Every dollar raised goes back into doing something good”. Kamalame Cay is excited to continue their work, doing coral nurseries with BREEF as well as their education days at the cay.

Water envelops the cay and is at the heart of every guest experience of Kamalame. Whether fishing, diving, or just being surrounded by water, the ocean and reef are on one side and the lagoon on the other. Michael told us, “You have got to see one of nature’s wonders, which are our blue holes… snorkeling at Rat Cay is particularly special. There is a blue hole, and when the tide is going out, hundreds of fish, sharks, and rays all congregate to feed on the nutrients that come out of the blue hole.” The guest cottages and bungalows all have ocean views and private beach cabanas, connected by golf cart sandy tracks which link the rooms with the pool, overwater spa, Tiki bar, and restaurant at The Great House.

Renowned for Kamalame Cay parties, Michael tells us how to shake up the best martini of your life and to try one of Shannon’s Pina Coladas. Oliver and Rose fell in love with the dreamy days, the rituals, the sound of the wind in the Casuarina trees and the waves, the sunrise walks finding shells, and then adding them to their collection outside the cottage. Often joined by Michael and David’s dogs Raffie, Hugo, and Oliver, all Portuguese waterdogs “doing the morning rounds!”.

See you soon Kamalame Cay! It’s most definitely up there as one of our favourite destinations on Earth.

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