LOVE BRAND & Co. was born out of a desire to protect the earth.  The launch of Earth – our new collection celebrates Oliver’s love of safari and dedication to helping save wildlife and their habitats. Instilled in the Earth capsule is a devotion to preserving the planet and the amazing wildlife that could be lost to the next generation if we don’t act immediately.

Our Andros Hemp Shirt featured in the Earth Collection, is designed to be the ultimate explorer shirt for every intrepid, eco-conscious explorer. As tough as it is timeless, our ‘Andros’ is made from 100% hemp, which feels as soft as linen and has four times the strength of cotton. With pleated double chest safari pockets and finished with our signature corozo nut buttons, the explorer shirt available in four initial colours inspired by the sky and the earth.

Midnight Blue £120
Olive £120
Khaki £120
White £120

The introduction of hemp into our collection this year demonstrates our progressive journey as a brand to find sustainable alternatives for our men’s pieces. Hemp is incredibly soft making our ‘Andros’ shirt kind on your skin and kind for the planet too. Being four times the strength of cotton, the durability of the fabric means that not only does it make the perfect shirt for navigating lives adventures but also one that will last a lifetime and won’t need replacing.

Hemp also requires little water and cultivation to grow, no need for herbicides or pesticides as well as the ability to replenish soil quality, characteristics of which prove to make this such an important eco-alternative for the fashion industry. Not to mention that due to its high thread count and tight weave it also offers wearers UV protection from the suns rays.

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