After over a year of restricted travel, the LOVE BRAND & Co. AW21 collection is a melting pot of nostalgic memories, vibrant prints and bright thoughts of the future. 

For this collection, founder, Oliver Tomalin has dived into his favourite travel memories, paying homage to some of the unforgettable moments that have shaped and inspired the brand. Hoping its pieces can take the wearer on a journey from land to sea including the plains of South Africa where his father grew up to Island shores, meeting Silver Back Gorillas, Island Iguanas and sharks along the way. 

The collection is simultaneously filled with optimism about sunny days ahead. The prints and designs (all hand-drawn by Oliver himself) tell the story of his family’s recent move from Berkshire to the Bahamas and the amazing species found there. With strong family roots on the island, Oliver’s and his family moved to the Bahamas seeking a new adventure and to further embed island-style within the brand. 

The prints feature on our best selling Staniel Swim Shorts, made from 100% recycled plastic for Father & Son as well as timeless short and long sleeve 100% linen shirts. And from the land to the sea, each print has its own story and purpose…

‘Fish Fauna’ Abaco Linen Shirt £140
‘Fish Fauna’ Staniel Swim Short £120
‘Island Iguana’ Staniel Swim Short £120
‘Head in the Clouds’ Staniel Swim Short £120

‘Code Ray’, in a new season colour – coral, is inspired by this new beach life and a vow to take a family swim every morning with the Spotted Eagle Rays that swim the coastline. The print takes a closer look at the markings of these graceful gliders. While doodling the markings of a Spotted Eagle Ray on a napkin, Oliver could almost make out the letters L, O and V and by playfully including E, he allowed the word ‘LOVE’ to be discovered in his ray markings print in coral pink and white. Can you spot the LOVE?

‘Island Iguana’, preppy and playful in its vibrant green is inspired by the Iguanas found at Palm Beach, Florida demonstrates Oliver’s love for the old Florida style.

‘Code Ray’
‘Island Iguana’
‘Shark Sanctuary’

The ‘Shark Sanctuary’ exclusive speaks to our charity partner for the last year WildAid, and their work to create a safe zone for this threatened and misunderstood species.  Wrongly dismissed as killers or persecuted for parts, it is estimated that 100 million sharks are killed every year when they are in fact a keystone species, vital to maintaining balance in marine ecosystems. Whereas ‘Fish Fauna’ takes you to another destination that is India and sheds a light on one of the less-known threatened species the Mahseer a large and highly revered river fish, threatened by habitat loss, pollution and habitat degradation and overfishing.

‘Fish Fauna’
‘Head in the Clouds’
‘Gorilla Gossip’

‘Gorilla Gossip’ is a tongue in cheek print, celebrating LOVE BRAND & Co’s partnership with The Aspinall Foundation’s and supporting their enduring commitment to critically endangered western lowland gorillas while ‘Head in the Clouds’ celebrates one of the world’s tallest land mammals, the Rothschilds giraffe, and the Tusk Trust. 

Off to catch some sunshine?

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