To mark the finale of the CoExistence campaign,  Founders Oliver and Rose, had the pleasure of attending ‘ A Starry Night in the Nilgiri Hills’ Encircled by trees and elephants at the gardens of Lancaster House and in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, guests took their seats for a magical outdoor screening of Sir David Attenborough’s documentary The Year Earth Changed. An incredible documentary that gives an insight into how the planet was affected by the global lockdown caused by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘There are great cleared flat places hidden away in the forests that are called elephants’ ballrooms, but even these are only found by accident, no man has ever seen the elephants dance’.  – CoExistence

An evening like no other and an atmosphere that we have all been yearning for in the last year, the event brought people from all over the country to celebrate human and wildlife coexistence and a unique moment in time when a global reduction in human activity is having a positive effect on wildlife around the world.

“Over the past few weeks, Londoners have had the rare opportunity to see some of that wildlife (albeit in static form) on the Mall, in Green Park, in St James’s Park and in Berkeley Square. These magnificent, life-sized elephants have roamed – with a little help – from the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India to the Cotswolds, to the heart of the city to raise awareness of the vital importance of healthy coexistence between humans and animals. They are a timely reminder to us all to live well with Nature, wherever we may be.” – Duchess of Cornwall

Founders Oliver and Rose. Rose wears a dress from Piece of White accessorised with Ashiana & Ottoman Hands. (Available to purchase from our ‘Love Brand Loves’ edit)

Elephant family have offered up the chance for anyone to purchase their own elephant sculpture that come in four main sizes. Each sculpture is unique, making every purchase extremely special and a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Funds raised by CoExistence will be directed to grass-roots organisations across India that allow people and wildlife to live together more peacefully. Including the LOVE BRAND & Co. X Elephant Family project ‘Helping Dulu’ in Assam, which we are very proud to see feature in Sir David Attenborough’s documentary The Year Earth Changed.

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