Meet Sofia Blunt, Trustee at Blue Marine Foundation, contributor at Times Luxx, and owner of the much loved Fox & Pheasant Pub, just a short walk away from our Chelsea LOVE BRAND & Co. shop. This week at our event celebrating our renewed partnership with Nobu Ibiza Bay and Ibiza Preservation we managed to catch up with her for our postcard series. She tells us of her passion for ocean conservation and the Posidonia seagrass and insists we all keep high hopes for this summer…

James and Sofia Blunt with Manu San Felix on World Ocean Day with LOVE BRAND & Co. at Nobu Ibiza Bay.

Sofia has been lucky enough to also work with Marine biologist and National Geographic photographer, Manu San Félix, a champion of ours. And who we have worked with for many years in association with the Ibiza Preservation Foundation (IPF) on our project that is dedicated to the protection of the Posidonia oceanica seagrass in the waters of the Balearic.

James and Sofia Blunt with Manu San Felix and Oliver Tomalin on World Ocean Day with LOVE BRAND & Co. at Nobu Ibiza Bay.

“Dear Love Brand,

We are all yearning to travel and, for most of us, this seems like a distant memory. We are counting the days until we can sit on a boat- tiny or large- and listen to the lapping of the waves while the sun warms our skin, the colour of the azure water reflecting and flashing off the hull. Let’s keep hope for this summer, some vitamin sea, it’s just within reach… xx”

Sofia diving with husband, James in Ibiza
What is your most memorable moment with Wildlife?  Any close shaves?

“The first time I went diving I was fourteen and my parents had taken us to a ramshackle resort on an island in the Bahamas. I wanted to dive but I was too skinny and light (back then!) to hold the weight of the tank on my back and so I had to be carried, by the tank, and dropped into the water. The first time I went on a shallow dive the instructor dropped me overboard and asked me just to sit on the bottom and wait for him. I did so, wondering at the beauty of the sandy bottom filled with iridescent and colourful fish. A Queen Angelfish came to have a good look at my goggles, curious and yet shy. I was hooked on diving (and the ocean) from then.”

What’s your idea of a perfect family holiday? Villa or resort?

“A clean white sandy beach with a fish-filled sea to swim in. I don’t mind where we stay!”

What does sustainability mean to you? 

“This is a tricky question because I work in ocean conservation and study and write about sustainability, so it means far too many things. But I think on a day-to-day level it means being conscious about our choices to try to be gentler with the Earth, less consumptive and care-free about our waste. I also believe in conscious consumerism where possible, buying less, but better.”

Sofia’s son wearing our Elephant Dance Swim Short on holiday in Ibiza
If you had to choose, where is your favourite place on earth (so far)?

“On our little boat in Ibiza with my husband and my sons. We have a picnic, a snooze, then jump off the boat and swim in the Posidonia seagrass, trying to find different types of fish. They know that Posidonia is an ocean hero, a carbon capture ninja and water filter, responsible for the transparency of the waters of Ibiza and Formentera.”

Looking back on your successes, what piece of advice would you share ?

“To have humility but also the confidence to follow your passions.”

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