This week, we caught up with Nick Scott, who popped into our Chelsea concept store to browse our new collection. Nick, now editor in chief of the Robb Report and a former Editor-In-Chief of The Rake, has embraced the ever-changing nuances and demands of the digital revolution over the years…

“Creating print and digital content, I believe, should mirror the way bespoke shoemakers, Savile Row tailors and Swiss watchmakers execute their artisanal endeavours: with adherence to time-honoured methods, but with close attention paid to the zeitgeist too.”

With an air of excitement with travel looking more promising off the back of the UK greens list announcement, we continue our ‘A Postcard From’ series and dive straight into discovering Nick’s, most exciting memory of Travel…

“I recall once visiting the Ajanta rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments in rural Maharashtra, India, with an old university friend, and spotting a wisp of smoke in the distance as we left. On a whim we hiked to it (despite warnings about wild tigers) and found a minuscule village where we spent a couple of very happy hours cow-dodging, traversing the mud tracks and interacting with the villagers, strictly via sign language and gesture.”

What is your most memorable moment with Wildlife?  Any close shaves?

Big cats remained elusive during my last safari trip, to Zimbabwe. But one night there was a deafening, baritone roar about a metre from my tent, and paw prints on the sand-dusted decking outside the following day. 

What’s your idea of a perfect family holiday? 

Beach during the day; nice meals, wine and card games in the evening. 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

The word has been at the crest of the zeitgeist for some time – which is a good thing. I worry, though, that it can become diluted and tokenistic – a conscience-salving by-word for rabid consumption that’s mildly less damaging – which is why I admire LOVE BRAND & Co. I’m also dazzled by the sterling work being done towards marine and conservation activity, which is why it features so prominently in Robb Report UK.”

If you had to choose, where is your favourite place on earth (so far)?

Lake Taupo and The Huka Falls in New Zealand. When you come from the London/Essex overlap and visit that place, you genuinely can’t believe you’re still on earth.

Looking back on your successes what piece of advice would you share?

It’s a cliche but follow your passions. A natural born musician coerced into pursuing a lucrative 50-year career as an insurance broker will never be genuinely fulfilled. And that works both ways: if analytical numeracy gives you a buzz, don’t let your hippy parents try and turn you into a guitar-strumming folk hero. 

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