This summer we are collaborating with The Goring with a new and exclusive LOVE BRAND & Co. print ‘Party like a LobStar’. Accompanying the hotel’s Cornish inspired garden pop-up with sustainably caught lobster & Della Vite Fizz by the Delevingne sisters. With dancing lobsters and swaying palm trees in pastel greens and blues, the print encapsulates the fun-loving and easy-breezy spirit of our collaboration this summer…

We caught up with Jeremy Goring, the hotels CEO. Now a fourth-generation CEO at The Goring, Jeremy has worked hard to continue in his family’s footsteps. He graduated from the Lausanne Hotel School in 1988, and has worked at the Four Seasons and The Lanesborough in London and opened hotels for Rosewood in Mexico, the Caribbean and Indonesia. And in October 2012 Jeremy was named Independent Hotelier of the Year. The Goring reflects one family’s passion for quality, whose members have prided themselves on providing comfort, good food and drink and the most attentive service for over a hundred years. 

Over the years he has welcomed people from around the world through his own doors, including many royal family members. However, we wanted to find out a few things about him that you might not know… his travelling tales as well as some tricks of the trade…

Tell us your most memorable moment of travel…

“I’ve almost forgotten the distant memories of travel. Usually, the disasters make the best memories whether it be capsized boats, being cast adrift around Hawaii, or a brilliantly frightening fiasco on a ferry from St John to Tortola on my day off when I was working at the Rosewood Caneel Bay. The dodgy boat was taking on water in choppy rolling swell in the fog while the “skipper” and crew went up on deck and peered through their hands looking for landmarks, violently arguing about which direction to take. I could see the faces of the many other passengers darkening in fear, each making the calculation ”do we jump or do we stay”. Caribbean laidback style, no.”

What is your most memorable moment with Wildlife?  Any close shaves?

“Getting chased by a shark in Madagascar was not much fun, as I was sitting out the back of a completely deserted surf spot down into the far south. It was before surfing found the island, so I was all alone and jolly scared indeed. The next day a very nice man took me fishing in a pirogue; he confirmed that the area was known for fatal attacks. Nice. I had three other slightly similar incidents when I lived in Australia and frankly, these days I thank my lucky stars to live in shark-free Europe.”

What’s your idea of a perfect family holiday?

“Peace. Warmth. The Sea. Good company and friendly locals. Too easy!”

What does sustainability mean to you?

“Just clean up after yourself and use some common sense?”

If you had to choose, where is your favourite place on earth (so far)?

 “A tight contest between Mentawai Islands, Sumba, and most of Kauai”.

Looking back on your successes, what piece of advice would you share

“Success isn’t the only measure of success”

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