As one of the 4 pillars of LOVE BRAND & Co., travel has always been at the heart of Oliver and Rose’s brand. But in the light of the global pandemic, Oliver and Rose have a renewed appreciation for the last 10 years of travelling together. After meeting in 2010, it only took six weeks before they took their first trip together and went to India to meet an Elephant called Tara. Since then, they have been lucky enough to continue travelling the world together and have discovered some special places along the way. At home in lockdown in the UK, the couple fondly remember some of their favourite boutique hotels and experiences which have played a part in building their lifestyle label LOVE BRAND & Co.

Hotel Joaquin | Laguna Beach

“I can’t forget trying to find Hotel Joaquin with Rose when on a road trip to a friend’s wedding in Santa Barbara. We had heard about a hidden gem in Laguna, outside LA. I’m not joking when I say we must have driven past it about 10 times, thanks to its understated roadside position and facade. But nestled inside is an oasis of tranquillity with a ‘digital detox’ driven concept. With no TV’s or tech in sight, just classic books and vinyls and boardgames. As well as a lovely pool and Laguna’s stunning beach only a short short stroll away.” – Oliver  


My top tip: Take the hotel shuttle down to the hotel’s beach club and enjoy a cocktail whilst kicking back on the deck chairs provided for sundown!! Was pretty romantic!

What I’d pack: Our French Blue Burrow Linen Short

Rae’s on Wategos | Byron Bay

“Rae’s holds a special place in my heart. We went here on a trip to Australia when our son Arthur was only seven months, and Watego’s beach is where he first experienced the ocean and the sand beneath his feet. The hotel sits just back from the beachfront and is just so cool.  Inside is a tiled haven filled with charm and tiles painted by our friend Damon Downey surrounding the door frames. Around every corner, another beautiful room with a wonderful view. This is where to stay when in Byron Bay.” – Rose 

My top tip: Visit The Bay Leaf Restaurant! This honestly might be my favourite lunch ever. Look at my pictures below!

What I’d pack: M.A.B.E. Ellaria Stripe Dress

20 Degre Sud | Mauritius

“Exploring the north of Mauritius in a rental car, we discovered a boutique hotel, on the other side of Grand bay to the larger landmark hotel, Royal Palm. Entering through wooden doors set in high whitewash walls is tiny boutique hotel decorated in a charming creole style. Unlike the many family resorts of the island, 20 Degres Sud is adults only. With 30 odd bedrooms around a pool, and a fantastic restaurant, oh and an amazing hidden spa. It’s a great base to explore Mauritius and just to hideaway and recharge the batteries.” – Oliver 

My top tip: Dinner under the stars in the bay on the M/S Lady Lisbeth. 

What I’d pack: Our Chambray Abaco Linen Shirt

Riad El Fenn | Marrakech


“My first visit to Marrakech has stayed in my mind forever. It is an explosion on all the senses and so different yet relatively close to travel to. We stayed at Riad El Fenn, coincidentally another favourite hotel with connections to the Branson family. This delightful riad is a maze of levels and passageways and is as magical as the markets outside in Marrakech itself. Inside the walls of the Riad was our sanctuary where we retired each day after exploring, shopping and lots of bartering!” – Oliver

My top tip: Tagines on the rooftop of El Fenn

What I’d pack: Our Navy Blue Randall Linen Trousers

Parker | Palm Springs


“We had about a boutique hotel called Parker and when we were last on the West Coast, we went to check it out. With friends in tow we drove with striking backdrop of the San Jacinto Mountains to Palm Springs for the ultimate desert getaway. Unlike the minimal aesthetic of so many hotels, Parker is bursting with decorative concepts, colours and textures, with Jonathan Alder’s creative twists at every turn. We love all the fruit trees and herb gardens and when exploring the grounds we found to our great delight a fresh lemonade bar and a boule pit and we played for hours.” – Oliver 

My top tip:  Follow a hiking trail in the Indian Mountains surrounding Palm Springs.

What I’d pack: Our Eye of the Tiger Staniel Swimming Short

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