Pala, one of our Brands in Residence at LOVE BRAND & Co. is the ultimate ethical eyewear brand for when the sun shines. The brand encapsulates exactly what purpose driven really means, with its simple ethos coined by founder John Pritchard, of making “high quality, long lasting eyewear that minimises impact on the planet and maximises impact on people.”

Refining the balance between style and sustainability, customers can look great and feel even better wearing Pala’s ethical eyewear that has been designed to give back.

With every pair of sunglasses sold, the brand supports vision aid projects across Africa. Responding to the problem that sparked John’s creativity from the start, in the fact that...“There are 1.2 billion people worldwide with poor vision simply because they are unable to receive basic surgery or access glasses, and Africa has 73% more visually impaired people than any other region in the world.”

By helping others to see, and with vision leading both the brand’s products and concept, Pala has recognised the invaluable economic tool a pair of glasses can be. In enabling empowerment and the opportunity for education as well as jobs and in doing so making steps to allevaite poverty and change lives. Already, thousands of people have been helped to see, as a result of Pala’s business proposition and ‘cost per patient’ calculation. Meaning that every pair of sunglasses sold, a pair of prescription glasses pair is given to those in need. 

Not only is Pala going above and beyond to address problems within poverty but their eco-friendly credentials highlights the commitments they are making to a sustainable fashion future. And in doing so “putting people and the planet before profits”, from Supporting Ghanaian- based NGOs to make their hand woven cases made from recycled plastic, soft bags from 70% recycled PET bottles and sustainable packaging.

Their latest collection of sunglasses, has been designed and made from fully biodegradable materials. So make sure to catch their latest collection of stylish frames in our London Shops as part of our ‘Brands In Residence’ edit. They are the perfect edition to any holiday wardrobe, and are the accessory that Oliver and Rose, our founders, will never forget to pack. 

“Small Steps, Big change”, were a few words from Pala that resonated with us as a brand and something that, over our ten years, we have learned is the right approach to building a brand for the future. It defines what this brand has achieved and the way in which they want to pave the rest of their journey. In realising that it’s the imperfections they learn from that will allow them to make the most impact for the future. After what has been a year that no-one will forget.

Hear it from Pala, there are most certainly “brighter days ahead”.

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