We meet the makers behind the incredible brands, artists and artisans as part of our Brands In Residence at LOVE BRAND & Co. Curated by Co-Founder Rose Tomalin and shining a spotlight on smaller, slower, sustainable and more meaningful brands from around the world.

Meet Patrick McGuirk and Sam Richardson, the co -founders of Saltee Skincare. An eco- conscious brand, committed to making clean suncreams and lotions to maker our oceans cleaner too.


Founded because “it didn’t exist” and “there was no premium, ethical, fun suncare brand in the market”. Patrick and Sam told us, that after both working as “founder directors to one the largest plastic recycling business in the UK”, they had an idea, that they turned into a reality.

‘Travel Obsessed’ the pair told us that  “the exotic and the unusual” is what does it for them. Something that is easily communicated by their bold and bright recycled packaging.  This colour confidence, combined with an environmentally-friendly ethos makes Saltee products hard to be missed, and even harder to resist. 


Its estimated that 14,000 tons of sun cream wash into the ocean each year. About 80% of the corals in the Caribbean have been lost in the last 50 years due to pollution, and the reefs in Hawaii are exposed to an extraordinary 6000 tons of sun cream every year. 

Clean products make cleaner oceans, Saltee Skincare is striving to protect our precious marine ecosystem. Recycled packaging combined with vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and most importantly, oxybenzone free products means they are creating waves amongst the suncare market. Eliminating the chemical oxybenzone (or BP-3) from their products, they have set a precedence for other brands to follow. Oxybenzone helps to prevent UV rays from burning human skin, however once it enters the ocean it destroys and damages the development of corals.

This chemical is so encroaching, you don’t even have to have had a dip in the ocean for it to be harmful. The toxic chemicals go down drains, which are eventually washed into our oceans. You may have seen some ‘reef-friendly’ sun creams labels when you have been looking for some supplies for your travels. However, many of these are actually unregulated and therefore pretty pointless and meaningless. They may be giving the illusion of eco-friendly credentials but in reality, they aren’t. The transparency that Saltee Skincare offers only illuminates their desire to protect our fragile marine ecosystems and prevent any disruption to coral’s reproduction and growth cycles. 


This is a London-based brand that is standing out in the suncare market offering a variety of amazing products from their Face Sea & Sun formula to their Body Active Lotion. Saltee products are designed for “those who love to travel, want to explore the world, chase the sun and dream about their next grand adventure”. However, Saltee Skincare products, certainly aren’t just for the aspiring travellers of today.  As the importance of SPF protection is being highlighted in and amongst our everyday lives. Saltee’s Face Daily Protection Formula also makes a great makeup primer for the times when you may not relaxing by the beach or the pool. This is something that LOVE BRAND & Co. Co-Founder, Rose Tomalin testifies to, “the Daily Protection Formula gives you the best glow and is an absolute makeup bag staple!”


In light of the current circumstances with COVID-19, they also have launched their Saltee Hands. A luxurious hand sanitising gel that is delicately scented with a blend of natural essential oils. Including Neroli which works to hydrate, nourish and smooth the skin. Perfect for travel, commuting, or just even at home. As has featured in Vogue and been considered “A modern day miracle” by Red Magazine. 


We finished by asking Patrick and Sam – If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

“A beach. Any beach with a good seafood restaurant, a bar serving gorgeous cocktails and a group of friends talking rubbish as the sun goes down!” 


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