Meet Freddie Elborne, the founder of MONC. A London sunglasses brand that is all about sustainably and style. We asked him a few questions about the inspiration behind the brand, the eco-conscious market and what’s to come.


Monc is a london-based eyewear brand launched in London in 2016, that places an emphasis on quality, transparency and sustainability. When asked why he started the brand, Freddie describes that he “couldn’t find brands showing their customers how the frames were made or who was making them”. His aim was to grow a brand that is transparent about where the materials come from and more importantly that these materials are sourced responsibly.

Freddie wanted to break away from mass-produced eyewear and explains that he started MONC “with the aim to design and make beautiful sunglasses that last a lifetime”.


Each of MONC’s frames is hand crafted in Italy by one of the few remaining traditional family-run manufactures, making each pair of sunglasses unique. It is not only the transparency of the process that is important to Freddie but also the  elimination of acetate, a material that is used in the majority of sunglasses around the world. As Freddie explains, “up to 80% of this material is either wasted or in landfill or incinerated by factories around the world during the eyewear production process, causing harm to the natural environment”.


MONC’s ethos is something that we share at LOVE BRAND & Co. and we are proud to be supporting this British brand in their fight to find a voice in the eco-conscious market.

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