We meet the makers behind the incredible brands, artists and artisans as part of our Brands In Residence edit at LOVE BRAND & Co. curated by Rose Tomalin. Meet Maya Sriqui & her beloved dog Louee, co-founders of Garden State Candles.

Louee, Maya’s adopted pup from the Montreal SPCA, is the inspiration behind Garden State’s mission to help abandoned dogs by finding them a loving home. For every candle sold, a percentage of the profits is donated to rescue shelters all around the world, which as Maya beautifully describes, is a way of “bringing light into more than just your homes”.


For Maya, lighting a candle is a way to transport oneself back to childhood memories and a way to remember those closest to us.

In 2017, Garden State was born from Maya’s Berlin apartment. All aspects of the company including packaging, shipping (you name it!) took place there. As Maya describes, “it was humble beginnings and we’re so proud of them!”. As the company grew, Maya relocated to a studio and only a year later, jumped at the chance to open her first physical space in Neukölln, Berlin. The doors finally opened in 2018.


2 years later, the company expanded north of Berlin to become a French Café and Concept store named Schmilblick. The name Schmilblick is named after an imaginary object that can be used in any situation and is something that can ‘do anything’. True to its name, this new home of Garden State Candles offers endless possibilities and experiences. You can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee with a homemade sugar-glazed brioche in the sunshine, from in-house master baker Ludo Legrand. The Garden State Candles team treat Schmilblick as their second home and after spending an hour or two there, you’ll realize why! Maya’s aim is that customers feel that they can relax as if they were in the comfort of their own homes.


Garden State prides themselves on using only plant-based ingredients and all the candles are hand poured with parabin free and all-natural Soy Wax.

The candles stocked at Love Brand & Co., 5 Park Walk are White speckled gold ceramics. They come in Fig, Tuberose and an Orange Geranium. They are all handmade by Maya’s ceramicist in Berlin and even better, they can kept to use as a coffee mug, cereal bowl, or whatever you may need!

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