We meet the makers behind the incredible brands, artists and artisans as part of our Brands in Residence edit at LOVE BRAND & Co. Curated by Rose Tomalin, it is the perfect opportunity to “Shine a spotlight on purposeful brands, with a sustainable ethos from around the world.”

Meet Anastasia Buisman, the mind, and maker behind Ashiana, a London based jewellery and accessories brand. Exquisite design, combined with eye-catching colour, offers each unique piece the opportunity to express its own natural beauty and journey of discovery. 

Designed in London and skilfully handcrafted by artisans in India, Ashiana jewellery is carefully considered. Travelling to over 100 countries and living in 8 destinations across the globe, Ashiana jewellery definitely doesn’t fall short of being backed by nomadic inspiration. Each collection is entirely different and beautiful in its own right.

The brand’s approach to ethical and fair trading is highly admirable and is a passion for something that we also share. Designed by women for women, female empowerment and family matters to them. Ashiana’s London office is made up of an entirely female team and its management teams in both India and China are led by women, many of whom have been working in the company for many years.

Anastasia’s regular trips to India throughout each year means she has the pleasure of personally sourcing the magical materials made to make each piece herself. While also giving her the opportunity to foster strong relationships with her suppliers.

Whether dressing up or going for something a little more casual, Ashiana accessorizes any outfit. All whilst celebrating design and colour with an affordable price tag. 


Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the positive ethos behind your brand. 

I am Anastasia Buisman  – the founder and creative director of Ashiana.  We are a female led brand that wants women to use accessories to enhance their outfit and feel confident. We adore colour and texture and design for all age groups.  We offer affordable jewellery that is premium and has a happy boho artisanal vibe. Jewellery designed by women for women. 

What inspired you to begin your journey? 

About 15 years ago I felt there was a gap in the market for good quality jewellery with a focus on artisanal hand making and finishing techniques. Being half Indian I grew up in awe of the all the handwork talent you see in India.  I wanted to support these ancient traditions so they don’t become obsolete. The way to do that is to design products that require handwork  – be that jewellery or bags and pay equal and fair wages for them. Women can buy Ashiana confident in the knowledge that they are buying something unique. We wanted to create fabulous jewellery at fabulous and fair prices. 

You are a born traveller!… Where has inspired you the most? 

It may sound like a cliché but it’s India,   I spent some of my childhood there and my mother’s family is Indian so growing up there surrounded by family had a big impact on my life and the way that I see things.  I have always known India would be a big part of my life.  My daughter’s middle name is India as well – I am hoping to pass on the love to the next generation. India is such a force of colour,smell and sound – that it stimulates every sense.  India is so diverse it’s like multiple countries and cultures all in one.  I sound like the tourist board….hahaha….

Has Jewellery design always been your calling? 

No – not initially. I got my law degrees and went into investment banking and then technology sales.  There was something missing – a bit of “soul”.  I realised there was a gap in the market and on a trip to India I decided to go back and resigned on my birthday to take a leap of faith and launch Ashiana.

What is your favourite piece you have designed? 

Necklace-wise I love the Boho Pendant necklace – I love the discs and that I can layer that piece. Earrings for me change  – I go big and at the moment I am loving the Dominique Big Hoop earrings for the day and the Cheyennes for the evenings. 

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