We are so honoured to support The Ibiza Preservation Foundation with their project to protect the posidonia seagrass in the Mediterranean.

Spearheading this initiative is marine biologist Manu San Félix who realised the importance of this species, and now has dedicated his life to ensuring it is protected so that the Balearic Islands can thrive well into the future.


In order to protect this species that is a crucial provider of oxygen and a key part of the marine ecosystem, Manu has utilised technology and placed a part of the solution in our smart phones.

Manu has spent a huge amount of time mapping the posidonia meadows and translating the geography into an app for our smart phones. The app is able to guide boaters about where it is safe to drop anchors. Over the last decade, boaters have anchored in the posidonia meadows and when pulling their anchors back in, are ripping the seagrass from its roots destroying these beautiful and important meadows.


Seafarers can download the app and see a visual and interactive map of the posidonia and are shown where they can anchor without harming this delicate species. This project is using technology to change the future of our oceans, placing the solution in our hands. We are so inspired by the innovation and are honoured to support Manu and The Ibiza Preservation Fund with this project. You can look at and download the app here.


Our new print ‘Posidonia y el Mar’ is inspired by this incredible species and this project. The design draws on the still and straight seagrass strands, working them into an energetic chain of lung-like shapes, celebrating Posidonia’s function of making oxygen and their epithet ‘The Lungs of the Sea’ You can shop this print here, which is available in sizes for both Men & Boys.

By purchasing this print and any Love Brand product, you are directly contributing to projects such as this. We thank you for the support and are positive that by coming together we can create significant change and help protect the natural world.  


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