We are heartbroken to report the news that one of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s orphans has sadly died this week. Baby White Rhino, Maarifa was a spirited little rhino who spent her days at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nursery enchanting her carers with her playful and energetic attitude. Her antics will be greatly missed at the Trust, and all of those who got the chance to spend time with her are deeply saddened by her sudden loss. 

We all shall remember her story, a tale of bravery and hope. Her fighting spirit is what gave her 5 happy months at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, with thanks to the incredible KWS teams and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust teams who saved and nurtured this little one for those months. 

We are sending love to all those at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, it is never easy to lose such a wonderful creature. You can read about Maarifa here and fall in love with her as we all did. 



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