Our ‘Helping Dulu’ project in association with our charity partner, Elephant Family, focuses on effectively managing and reducing the Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) in India, specifically the HEC in the Karbi foothills. The Karbi foothills are located in Assam, in the far North Eastern part of India, and are home to a variety of different species. But over time this land has become subject to deforestation and destruction and has now become a brutal place for species to flourish in. 

HEC is an ever-increasing issue that has developed over time as elephants and humans continually compete for land and space in the fragile Indian landscape. As the elephants lose their natural habitat at an alarming rate, they are forced to migrate onto land that is being farmed by local communities. This naturally causes conflict as the farmers combatively defend their crops from elephants in desperate search of nourishment. 


The aggressive encounter between humans and elephants is leading to ruined crops, and the death of both humans and elephants. In order to protect local communities and the elephants, this project has been developed to mediate the HEC. We have partnered up with local award-winning conservationist, Binod ‘Dulu’ Bora who is championing this project by leading various education sessions with the local people. Dulu is also demonstrating gentle mitigation techniques such as clapping and shouting which can be used to softly deter the elephants from descending upon villages. ‘Helping Dulu’ not only works with the local communities but also with the elephants. Salt licks and the elephants preferred fodder has been provided in efforts to get them to eat something other than the precious crops that grow in the foothills. There have also been increased attempts to rebuild new habitable spaces for the elephants to raise their young and thrive in.


The project is making great strides as Dulu tours local schools where he engages with the children over photography exhibitions, quizzes and talks. The importance of educating and bringing awareness to the younger generations is a crucial part of this project.

All of us at LOVE BRAND & Co. are deeply passionate about this project and it really is a pivotal battle in the war to protect endangered elephants across the globe. Each time you purchase any Love Brand product, you are directly contributing to this project and helping us save and protect Asian Elephants from HEC.

This project inspired our print ‘Elephant Dance Blue’.


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