This year, we are championing a project in association with The Barbados Conservation Fund. The project focuses on the conservation of sea turtles and the protection of the Barbados coast and its marine life.


The three main pillars of this project are: 

The protection of wildlife habitats and the safeguarding of hatchlings in areas of coastal development.

The encouragement of local partners such as hotel groups, coastal management agencies and the general public to become actively engaged in the conservation of sea turtles in Barbados.

An increased understanding of the ecological and indirect economical value of sea turtles within Barbados and other parts of the Caribbean.


The Hawksbill nesting programme in Barbados is the longest running monitoring programme in the world and is responsible for recovering vast numbers of Hawksbills. With the help of the local government, local hotel groups and universities, this project is a hub for research and conservation for turtle species around the world. 

It is reported that over the past decade, there has been a 9% increase of nesting female Hawksbills on the beaches of Barbados, this level of population growth for nesting Hawksbills is the highest across the wider Caribbean.


The challenge facing so many turtle species has been the ever-increasing coastal development across the island. The implementation of roads and town framework is having disastrous effects on the wildlife. Nesting Hawksbill females and hatchlings are becoming disoriented by the lights of nearby towns, drawing turtles to move towards the artificial lights rather than towards the sea. The numbers that are killed by passing traffic is ever-increasing. 

This project aims to combat the casualties caused by the development of coastal areas. Safety measures such as barriers along concrete drains, highway signage and healthy beach quality have all been put in place in order to protect the nesting females and their hatchlings.

A 24hr hotline has been set up as a way to enable members of the public to report any turtle-related issues that they may observe around the island. This hotline is a crucial tool in the aim to engage local communities with turtle conservation.

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Each Love Brand purchase you make is a contribution to our conservation projects around the world, including this Turtle project. For this, we thank you. 


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