The first chapter in our series following the remarkable story of Barsilinga, the rescued orphan elephant who remains an inspiration for LOVE BRAND & Co.’s founders Oliver & Rose Tomalin.

On the evening of 13th April 2012, gunshots were heard near Wamba in the Samburu tribal area of Northern Kenya. The next morning Barsilinga was spotted next to his severely injured mother, who had fallen victim to the illegal ivory trade.

The local Kenyan Wildlife Service patrol unit was alerted and their vet Dr. Mutinda travelled out to assess the injury. After looking at the mother’s severe wounds, the KWS vet made the decision to end the mother’s suffering, saving her calf Barsilinga, placing him in the capable hands of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

After Barsilinsga’s last feed of his mother’s milk before she was laid to rest, he was safely flown to the Sheldrick’s Elephant Nursery in Nairobi National Park.

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