We are extremely excited to also be supporting Project 0 this year with their 30 x 30 initiative. This project aims to protect 30% of our oceans by 2030. 


With the threat of climate change becoming increasingly dangerous, now is the time to take action. Our oceans are an integral element of our planet, to absorbing carbon and controlling climate, the ocean is our life support on this earth. The pressures that humans have placed on the ocean has led to a severe decline in its health; 50% of our coral reefs have died, 60% of fisheries have disintegrated and there is are extreme levels of pollution.  

Project 0 is devoted to protecting our oceans so that they have a chance at replenishing and fortifying. Healthy ecosystems and a growth in marine life will help our oceans regain strength and balance. 


All the funds raised by Project 0 are put towards long-term and sustainable networks of marine protected areas. Project 0 works hard to monitor, clean and safeguard these specific areas, so that the wildlife beneath the waves can thrive.

We are honoured to contribute to this crucial cause and work alongside Project 0 to help support their 30 x 30 initiative. Our Change Your Tuna print from our S/S19 Collection is inspired by this project, the design features Tuna Fish swimming ‘fin-fin’ in an elegant and dynamic pattern. 

Each Love Brand purchase contributes to projects such as this one. All funded by you, the Love Brand customer. We thank you for the support.

You can shop Change Your Tuna here. 


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