We are so excited to provide you with an update on our charity project in association with our charity partner Elephant Family ‘Helping Dulu’. As you may know, Dulu is an extraordinary man who has dedicated his life to educating locals in Assam about the ever threatening HEC (human-elephant conflict) in the Northeast of India.

Over the past summer month, Dulu has spent his time touring a variety of schools along the Nagaon Karbi Anglong border as a part of HEC awareness camps. These HEC awareness camps include talks from Dulu, photography exhibitions and conservation coaching. The young children are exposed to images that help them piece together the severity of HEC, these visual guides allow the children to digest and understand the information in a much more engaging way. Dulu’s work is all about being interactive, immersing the pupils in the environment. Nature walks are organised with Dulu leading the children through jungle paths, giving the younger generations a 360 degree view of the damage done by HEC.


Aswell as educating local school children, Dulu has also been leading project initiatives in Assam which aim to establish safe resting places for passing elephant herds. Elephants need places where they can graze on flourishing grasses and trees, nurse their young and socialise. Local communities will be taught how to maintain and protect these designated areas of land to ensure it remains a peaceful place for elephants. Dulu was instrumental in ensuring that communities understand the importance of clean and healthy environments for both people and elephants.

We will continue to update you on the continuing success of this project, which serves as a wonderful reminder that when you purchase any Love Brand product you are helping us support projects such as this; which are crucial in the fight against elephant extinction.


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