We meet the makers behind the incredible brands, artists and artisans as part of our Brands In Residence edit at LOVE BRAND & Co. curated by Rose Tomalin. Meet Angela Martinetti, founder of the self-titled jewellery brand that is known for their decadent designs and statement pieces.


Angela Martinetti’s handmade earrings add glamour to an everyday outfit. The Ecuador-born brand is inspired by the natural world as demonstrated in the flower and bird motifs of the earrings. Being outdoors is something that is important to Angela and she tells us that her favourite location to design her earrings is “sitting in my hammock listening to the birds and being surrounded by nature”.

When reflecting about the brand, Angela emphasises how important her children are to her and how they are the main inspiration behind the company. As a single mother of two boys, Angela explains that by demonstrating hard work and creativity, she is “trying to be the best example for them, whilst at the same time making women feel more confident, beautiful and empowered”.

The colourful and shiny beaded earrings are distinctive in style and colour but most importantly arrive in eco-friendly packaging and are pieces that will stand the test of time. Angela Martinetti promotes slow fashion and is an eco-friendly brand that values artisanal work, an ethos that we share at LOVE BRAND & Co.

At LOVE BRAND & Co. we are proud to be championing Angela’s pieces, perfect for the modern woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. As part of our Brands In Residence edit, we have a bespoke selection of Angela’s earrings with only one of each piece. Discover our personal favourite, the Ivory Flower Cascade Earrings here.

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